Anti Aging Skin Treatment – What factors drive aging process

Before discussing Anti- Aging  skin treatment it is necessary to know the primary factors playing critical role behind aging.Primarily there are  three drivers of aging, which leave  marks on you damaging your self esteem and looks. Based on the type of aging,  anti aging skin treatment also differs substantially.

Driver 1: Hormonal Aging

It is caused by reduction of estrogen after menopause in women. Sagging skin, lack of elasticity, dehydrated skin with wrinkles are some of the symptoms.

Driver 2: Environmental Aging

Uneven skin and age-spots are most commonly associated with aging due to environment. Exposure to sunlight and other environmental stress-factors cause hyperpigmentation, sunspots and rough skin tones.

Driver 3: Genetic Aging

Its symptoms are Fine lines, uneven skin texture and wrinkles. This type of aging is genetically linked or reflects some kind of genetic inheritance from parents or


Although most of these signs and symptoms of aging are inevitable, they can always be treated by proper anti aging skin treatment. But choosing the right product is always a challenge because the market is already saturated with such products and some may have adverse effects on human skin. So there is always a possibility of being confused while looking for reliable products for skin-care.

But the good thing is that the list of common anti-aging ingredients is astoundingly large. We have heard of some common ingredients such as green tea, vitamins such as generic vitamins A, C, K or E, stem cells, estrogen and collagen. But there are a number of scientific ingredients which people know very little about –

allantoin, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), alpha lipoic acid, beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid), coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone), Copper Peptides DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), Retinol and others.

So the main objective would be to address the correct reason for skin aging and treat them in the appropriate fashion choosing from the array of anti aging skin treatment options available. An effective step in the formulation of a complete skin rejuvenation plan will be to select an effective combination of anti-aging facial treatments and to incorporate it into a serious plan and strategy.

If the wrong steps are taken, they might result into absolutely reverse effects. Normally, a number of symptoms together – like gradual loss of skin tone, wrinkles,fine lines, spots, sagging skin, or a combination of concerns -surface with aging. So it is necessary to choose the right anti aging skin treatment. Remember that no single or unique product can cure all the symptoms of aging skin, (as there is no drug that can treat all medical problems), so it’s important to experiment to find the combination of anti-treatments age will work best for your skin type.

If you are interested in some reputable Anti Aging Skin Treatment products, you may check LifeCell and Murad – two well known brands. These two brands have long standing reputation in the market-space for anti-aging products.

There are also several online resources available. You can start with some basic anti-aging skin treatment resources and then go for advanced online articles. In this context a blog written by this author Anti Aging Skin treatment Overview may be viewed.

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